WTH Student Training Programme on Thinkific

March 6, 2023

When you want to create an online course for students to learn from there are various options to chose from. For the WHAT THE HACK?! project the consortium decided to go with Thinkific as it is an “easy-to-use, all-in-one online course platform”. Especially interesting for WHAT THE HACK?! is the option to use Dark Mode.

For course creators, it is easy to use with drag-and-drop course building tools. You can choose from various templates to help you build each lesson, to include text, photos, illustrations, videos, PDF files, and quizzes. At the end of the course you can offer the students a certificate of completion. Furthermore, you can track your student’s progress. There are already 50,000 course creators using it all over the world and the platform has over 500 employees who are quick to respond to emails 24/7.

Learning Hub Friesland was responsible for building the WHAT THE HACK?! Student Training Programme. This was achieved through a lot of research, as well as input from project partners, associated partners, and other knowledgeable parties. The course was first built in English and tested by the project partners during the Parnu Estonia Transnational Partner Meeting in November 2021. This resulted in gathering feedback from the project partners to add, edit and improve the course materials.