The What the Hack?! consortium consists of partners from across Europe with complementary expertise on Vocational Education, educational innovation, Hack Lab development, Cybersafety education and working with youth with special needs. Four countries participate in the What the Hack?! project: The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Estonia. What binds these partners is their ambition to make the cyber world a place of safety and of opportunity for youngsters inside and outside Vocational Education. Project partners are:

Friesland College - NL

Friesland College is a Regional Training Centre (ROC) for secondary vocational education (VET) and adult education. Every year about 9,000 students follow a course. Friesland College is an open educational institution with respect for all religions and cultures in society. Friesland College is involved with and listens to its students; has a passion for teaching and is innovative. Friesland College is a VET school in which a lot of disciplines of the field of work are taught. The main idea behind our educational approach is that we want students to ‘act’ and ‘reflect’ on their activities and experiences. This also means allowing room for mistakes and vulnerability to accept these mistakes to ultimately grow and learn from them. Thus, our credo is: “Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow”!

Learning Hub Friesland Foundation - NL

Learning Hub Friesland aims to stimulate education which keeps up with the latest developments in society. How? By actively tackling the challenges which the educational sector faces in the coming years. Working with local primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities we look for partners in Friesland and Europe and work together on solutions to create education which is truly ready for 21st century realities. Exploring how other schools and organisations do things differently, putting your own educational system into perspective and stepping out of your comfort zone; innovation comes much quicker and easier if you have the chance to work internationally.

MKB Cybercampus - NL

The MKB Cyber Campus is the place where business, education and government work together to build digital resilience for SMEs. The MKB Cyber Campus's mission is to make SMEs resilient in the fight against the rapidly growing cybercrime. The Cyber Campus is the knowledge and test center for SMEs in the field of cybersafety in the Netherlands and thus fits well within the ambitions of the city of Leeuwarden and the province of Friesland. The MKB Cyber Campus was established to combine the forces of business, education and government in this field. Through research and education, the Cyber Campus works together on practical knowledge and innovations with which SME entrepreneurs can increase their digital resilience.

Fanaad - NL

Fanaad is a company of graphic designers, graphic recorders, illustrators and graphic artists. We translate vision, strategy and future dreams into clear images so that they can be shared in organisations and beyond. We do this by putting relevant information in the right visual form, using illustrations, graphic design and infographics. We work and have worked for clients such as Grolsch, It Fryske Gea, Zonnatura, FCROC, Keunstwurk, NDC/Leeuwarder courant, Fries museum, LF2018, NHL Stenden, Province Fryslân, Crowd and Co, NS and Air France KLM.

Cebanc - ES

Cebanc has led the way in vocational training in Gipuzkoa since 1978 and delivers courses in three areas: in-service, initial and adult vocational training. Cebanc aims to meet professionals´ training needs for their entire working life. Our broad range of courses brings us into daily contact with the business community and enables us to adapt to the skilling changes that take place as a result of technological and organizational advances. The college offers courses at Initial training programmes (students that have not completed their compulsory secondary education and obtain a vocational training qualification), sub-tertiary level and tertiary levels, in four areas: Computer Science, Business and Marketing, Administration and Health.

GO! Technisch Atheneum Zavelenberg - BE

GO! Technical Atheneum Zavelenberg is a VET school located in the Brussels Capital Region. Our school offers VET education: TSO (technical secondary education combining theory and practice) and BSO (professional secondary education, more practice-oriented). We are a warm school with a multicultural school public, supported by structured pupil guidance. The global education of the pupil is our focus. Our entire school consists of about 340 pupils and 70 teachers.

Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre - EE

Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre (PVEC) is an innovative vocational training centre, situated in south-west of Estonia, in Pärnu. The mission of the organisation is “In close co-operation with employers provide competitive vocational competence, knowledge and skills for working life and further studies.” PVEC is open to cooperation at every level and organisation vision is to have high reputation as a school with acknowledged learning environment, training professionals who are competitive both at local and international labour market. The main priorities of the school project work focus on development and creation of new curricula, mobility projects involving both students and teaching staff and international learning.

The Education and Youth Board (Harno) - EE

The Education and Youth Board (Harno) is a government agency of the Ministry of Education and Research that deals with the implementation of Estonian education and youth policy. Harno’s goal is to offer Estonian people high-quality, modern, and equally accessible educational opportunities. We want everyone to be able to create a personal learning path for their entire life cycle. Harno’s activities range from primary education to higher education, from providing tools for learning and teaching to introducing the success story of Estonian education internationally. Our eight departments and two agencies employ over 400 people.